Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, 2011

You've been a year of 
contemplation and reevaluation
new experiences, welcomed or otherwise
a few not-quites and maybe-laters
letting-go and hanging on, and waiting to see the wisdom of each
surprising new undertakings
growth and stumbles and more growth
unexpected joys.


Now send in 2012, will you?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, I never

Apologies to Vicki Rocho: I signed up to participate in her blogfest, which took place last week, not foreseeing that I'd be off blogosphere  during that time. But here I am,ready to share a list of the things that begins with "I never."

I never had the desire to:

  • smoke
  • go bungee-jumping
  • run for political office
  • ride in a helicopter
  • dye my hair blonde
  • gamble in a casino
  • travel to outer space

I never thought I would:
  • earn a black belt in martial arts
  • ride in a Porsche (thanks to my friend, Janet, who gave me a ride to my 40th birthday celebration)
  •  sing in Carnegie Hall, not once, but twice (the perks of attending a graduate school known for its choirs, which are often called upon to perform in New York City with different orchestras.)
  • see friends from primary and secondary school semi-regularly
  • be in a group so loud that the hotel manager called repeatedly to the room to inform us of complaints from other guests (I was with the kidlit writers at a writers' conference)