Monday, January 4, 2010

Grab-A-Line Monday

What usually happens during holiday festivities, especially with family around? Tons of food, talks till late, bouts of nostalgic recounting of events (in as many version as there are people), and the blurring together of days till Mondays feel like Saturdays and Tuesdays are indistinguishable from Fridays.

That's why I missed last week's GALM.

But here it is again, the first installment of the new year. And since this is a new year (not quite a new decade yet: that event begins in 2011 I'm told,) when there is much reflection and planning, I thought I'd throw this in:

The overexamined life, Claire, it's not worth living.

--Let the Great World Spin by Collum McCann

These are the lines from the last two weeks:

Tricia shared the short opening line from Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. The voice is a teen-age boy who finds himself able to move between other dimensions.

Once I got lost in my own house.

Nandini took something quite different, the dedication of Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Salman Rushdie wrote it for his son while in hiding during the fallout from Satanic Verses. The acrostic spells ZAFAR, his son's name.
Z emble, Zenda, Xanadu:
A ll our dream-worlds may come true.
F airy lands are fearsome too.
A s I wander far from view
R ead, and bring me home to you.
What caught you this week?


MG Higgins said...

I recently finished THE EVOLUTION OF CALPURNIA TATE by Jacqueline Kelly. It's marvelous. Her descriptions paint such delicious pictures. This is a line from a page I turned to at random:

...I crept downstairs and went out onto the front porch very early before the daily avalanche of my brothers could crack open the peace of the morning.

beth said...

Oh, wow. I love that Salman Rushdie poem. I read it years and years ago...thank you so much for reminding me of it!!

Nandini said...

Happy New Year, Yat-Yee! It's getting kinda late tonight ... will be back in the morning with my line.

Beth, glad to to have refreshed your memory. BTW Did you know that the sequel to Haroun will be out this year? It's called Luka and the Fire of Life. Can't wait to read it!

Nandini said...

Hi Yat-Yee,

Here's my pick. It's from The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.

It was Moving Day, and everybody was crazy. You remember. It was chaos; people running around with armfuls of heirloom china and photo albums, carrying food and water, carrying their dogs and kids because they forgot that their dogs and kids could carry themselves. Crazy.