Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does purple go with orange?

When I was a young child, yellow-and-red was king in my world. As I grew older, my color palette increased and I started finding other combinations pleasing: pink/grey, navy/cream, brown/beige, and light blue with everything. I progressed through nothing but grey and silver as a teen to the starving-musician all-black-all-the-time phase in my twenties. My notions of what color combinations work has gone through some changes, but my notion of what color combinations don''t work had remained quite stubborn, namely that orange and green and purple should never be near one another.

So I was at the garden center this morning picking up some flowers to punch up the colors around the house, and came home with dahlias, gerber daisies, lily, petunias: all in either purple or orange. The deep, velvety purple petunias next to the fire-orange lily and green foliage couldn't be more gorgeous.Why did I ever think they clashed?

This made me wonder how many other prejudices I still hold, and whether my characters all possess the safe and conventional group of characteristics. Hmmm.

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