Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes/No Right/Wrong Good/Bad

Clean air: good.
Pollution: bad.

May I have a lollipop. No.
May I have some edamame: yes

[edamame by Yomi]

[lollipop by Flora]

Kick someone in the head: wrong.
Share what you have: right.

But wait.

Are changes good or bad?
Orange juice?
Being blunt?
Kick someone in the head while sparring?

[sidekick by C@mera M@n]

Most things in life are not easily classified. This week I found examples in the writing world. The topic at hand: Twitter Speak. Short sentences, often without articles or pronouns.

Nathan Bransford finds it unprofessional in query letters.
Kathleen Duey wrote a Twitter Novel.


tanita davis said...

Heh. Did you whack someone upside the head, Yat Yee? Ooh, I'm TELLING!

(The edamame looks SO TASTY.)

tanita davis said...

Incidentally, Duey's novel may be a sentence-a-day, but it is anything but sentences without articles or pronouns, and I think it's going to end up being a serious, professional thing. I read it on her blog in weekly gulps (I don't use Twitter), and it's riveting.

Yat-Yee said...

No, still at no-contact sparring at this point. And also I'd have to do a whole lot more stretching for my legs to get up to anybody's head level, since I am the shorty in the class.

And thanks for the correction re: Duey's novel. I guess I was struck by the Twitter connection in these blog posts.