Monday, November 16, 2009

Grab-A-Line Monday

Thank you, my blog friends, for all your good wishes while I've been cocooning. I have been reading your blogs on and off. Nandini said she would check in on Mondays, so I wanted to peek out once a week, in case any of you have lines and passages you want to share.

From Garbiel's Gift by Hanif Kureishi, I wanted to share this line:

Now Dad had gone and was living somewhere else. If the world hadn't quite been turned upside down, it was at an unusual and perilous angle, and certainly not still.

Drop a line.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Hi Yat-Yee. Good to see you!

I love this opening line from Pearl North's Libyrinth:

The wind howled and the flames roared, but the books, as they died, merely fell silent.

Kelly H-Y said...

Good to see you! Hope all is going well.

Nandini said...

OMG You're back!!!! I haven't even been on MY blog lately. Mainly due to the fact that my daughter’s birthday was yesterday and I've been in major party mom mode. But I do have lines that I have been bookmarking (as promised).

Here's one from Little Women that I never get tired of ... Six weeks is a long time to wait, and a still longer time for a girl to keep a secret, but Jo did both, and was just beginning to give up all hope of ever seeing her manuscript again, when a letter arrived which almost took her breath away, for on opening it, a check for a hundred dollars fell into her lap.

One day that’ll happen to us, Yat-Yee, one day.

I will check in regularly on Mondays from now on. Great to see you back!!!