Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ain't that the truth

I love fiction for so many reasons. One of the foremost reason is I find truth in it. 

Take this passage from Adam Rex's crazy book*, Cold Cereal, for example: 

"We're going to see a play. On Broadway."
"Is it Makin' It? I saw that once."
"No, it's called Oh Huck! It's a musical Huckleberry Finn. We just finished reading the book, so..."
" Uh-huh. I saw the original cast of Makin' It, with Reggie Dwight and Ashlee Starr. My sister knows someone, got us tickets."
"That's great."

Have we not had those conversations? 

*When I say the book is crazy, I mean it in the nicest way. It seems as if someone wrote a bunch of ideas on pieces of paper and then randomly chose 6 or 7 of them: an evil corporation, leprechauns, Merlin, the Queen of England, Giants, genius children, unicats, and of course, cold cereal, and put them all in a story. I don't know how it works, but it does.


Laurel Garver said...

I think the politically correct term in the biz is "quirky." :-D

And yes, have I ever had that kind of conversation with the "all about me" person whose listening skills are, well, honed to topics that they can use for commandeering the floor. The best fictional one I can think of is Gilderoy Lockhart in Chamber of Secrets.

Yat-Yee said...

Lockhart certainly fits the bill to a T. Some days when I think fictional characters are drawn larger than life to make a point, yet in real life, people can be even more pronounced in those traits.