Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Spring Break Writing Retreat Day

My family took a 2-day ski-vacation to start off the children's Spring Break. I have skied a few times in my life but it's not my preferred mode of strengthening my heart and lungs. I still have bruises and embarrassing stories--don't ask me about the time I fell backwards off a poma down the slope, or the number of boulders and trees I "found" while skiing, or about the pair of glasses I broke, or the skiers I took down while waiting in line because I fell, and especially about the time I was "rescued" from the top of a green slope -- that made me convince the husband to take both kids by himself to the slopes.  

What was I left with? An empty condo, hours by myself, and this view.

Hello, Writing Retreat Day!

Without distraction from housework and the lure of the internets and the pantry, I scribbled a good number of pages by lunch time. 

There is something about writing in long hand that helps my thinking flow. So I continued to write, pass the hand cramps, till the chapter ended.


I decided to go for a walk. I thought I would look at some shops, hopefully unique ones that can feed my creative brain. No, I didn't make that up; I believe it's called an artist's walk. 

The backdrop was beautiful, but I really didn't want shop at chains. I made it my mission to seek out cute boutiques and quaint toy shops or used-book stores. Alas, I found more national chains and 5 banks within walking distance. And thankfully, two furniture consignment shops.

Here are some of my finds.
Vintage skis

                             Book shaped accessory


Gorgeous antique cabinets


   I could do with this in my house:

But not this:  

Then it's a stop at a local bakery for more writing. Believe it or not, the little jaunt into the furniture consignment shops fueled another good hour of writing. 


 Or maybe it was the sugar.


Oh, all right, I did step into Pier1 Imports, where feathered friends ruled:  


So, what do I take away from this day?

  • I should write in long hand more often
  • There is something about being in a different location that helps me write
  • I wish I had bought the hazlenut torte whole when they said they didn't serve it in single slices.
  • There will be more Daddy + kids days.
  • Staying off the computer is possible, and very good.
  • Pier 1 Imports can carry some old-looking trunks and cabinets but they are not the real deal.       


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

This made me smile, Yat-Yee. I'm so glad you had such a fruitful, fun day to yourself. (I took a writing retreat recently, too!)

Yat-Yee said...

I had a lovely day. And I am glad you had one of those as well. Good to reconnect.

Davin Malasarn said...

This sounds fantastic! I'm glad you got to have this day. My plate at the bakery would have had three or four things on it.

Yat-Yee said...

Hi Davin! It was very difficult to limit myself to one. Only the knowledge that I had to hoist my body up in the air in my TKD form and land again without breaking a bone or a joint prevented me from ordering one of everything.