Monday, December 30, 2013

My year in books 2013

I have visited the Round House and the Red House, reconstructed Amelia and listened to Lucca, gone down to the ocean at the end of the lane and caught a glimpse of the light between the oceans

          I have seen shades of grey through the eyes of a young Lithuanian refugee and a “red” in Jasper Fforde’s color-separated world but not fifty shades of it.

        I listened to the sounds of things falling and echoes from the mountain and traveled through time in life after life and in search of the shining girls

          I spent time getting to know Colin Fischer and Asher LevThe Dodger, the English girl, the normal kid, the giver, the messenger, and the son showed how roles can determine how lives are lived.  

          The Burgess Boys and the Sisters Brothers may live in different times but both sets of brothers are bound more tightly by blood than they imagine. Flora and Ulysses, Blink and Caution, Eleanor and Park touched me with their friendships. 

I laughed reading about the omens about end times and cried reading about  a funny story

As always, books have opened my eyes, touched my heart, and challenged my thinking. Here’s to another great year in books in 2014!


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