Friday, March 4, 2011

Why oh why oh why or Domey Malasarn is turning blue

Call it coincidence if you will, but on the same day I posted my post But Why (incidentally, I wrote it a few months ago and only decided to post it the night before), Jules Watson's post at Writer Unboxed, titled Why, oh Why?, was also on the topic of character motivation.

But wait, there is more.

Yesterday, my friend (hello, fellow Dreamer of 13A!) Cheryl Reifsnyder told me that she read my post and then one by Jane Friedman at There Are No Rules, 6 Common Plot Fixes, and there at No. 5 was, you guessed it, Beware of Unmotivated Actions.

Okay, maybe these coincidences aren't remarkable, but the posts are worth a read.

In other news, fearing strange ideas that float in the air that writers breathe, Domey Malasarn has decided to hold his breath. Domey, are you blue yet?

Happy weekend, everyone


Domey Malasarn said...

Those fish always mesmerized me and scared me at the same time. I'm worried they're going to pop. And, what exactly happens if they do?

I'm not blue, by the way. I held my breath until everything went dark. When I woke up, I was fine.

Yat-Yee said...

Those fish threatening to pop is the stuff of nightmare, aren't they?

Glad that you went uh dark instead of blue, I think. How are your characters motivated today?

Domey Malasarn said...

My characters have been unmotivated for about three days. I've been stuck. I even killed someone off and that didn't help. Now I'm going to resurrect the character so that I can save the death for later on in the story.

But, overall, I must say I'm happier with my character motivations in Cyberlama than I have been with any other story!

The Golden Eagle said...

Thank you for the links!

Bish Denham said...

LOL that fish is too much! Thanks for the links.

Yat-Yee said...

Glad you like the links.

Bish: the way the fish looks does crack me up. So hapless that it has no clue what's going on.