Friday, June 6, 2008

Equal and opposing

Life often comes at you in opposing pairs. You give birth to a beautiful baby and end up in the hospital with 104-degree fever. Your first restaurant review is published and as you read your name in print, everything suddenly goes blur in your left eye because the capillaries have just burst, creating a giant floater-like creature that stays for much longer than the 3 months that your ophthalmologist predicts.

Maybe the impact isn't always equal but isn't it strange how so many good news are accompanied by not-so-good ones? I guess there has to be a reason for the "Good news first or bad news?" to be in our cultural lingo.

Here is my current good news/bad news situation: I finally got my hands on Eagle, the 5th book in the Five Ancestors series, and I find out I won't be able to attend a writing conference when the results of the writing contest in which my novel has placed in the finals will be announced.

Not dire straits by any stretch of imagination, but still. Why do things have to come in opposing pairs?

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