Sunday, June 22, 2008

This could be the one

I think I've finally got an opening for my new novel.

Version One, which took forever to write, seemed like an intriguing and dramatic start, but didn't pass the reading-after-hibernation test; it didn't say much of anything. Version Two had more momentum, but I realized, from all the reading I'd been doing about strong story openings, that it fell squarely in the "character ruminating" category, a major no-no. Without any ideas about how else to start, I gave up and worked on other things. Now that Version Three is taking shape, I am cautiously thinking that this could be a keeper.

The fact that I am taking a detour (sounds so much better than "wasting time procrastinating") to write about it on my blog is further proof that it's going well. (Really, it does. Don't ask me why. You fellow procrastinators out there will understand.)


Cheryl Reif said...

Yay! And I understand the connection between writing that's going well and the need to share the breakthrough via blog. I'll cheer with you :). ~Cheryl

Yat-Yee said...

Oh good! Someone who understands! Thanks for cheering. And I'm cheering for your newest "baby" as well as your two other books, which I hope are out on the desks of editors and agents!

(I bought exclamation marks in bulk yesterday at Sam's!)