Monday, September 15, 2008

The dog ate it

I know some people who structure their lives in a way that they do a little of everything everyday. I've tried to be that structured: setting aside specific amounts of time a day on chores/writing/social life/gardening etc. But it's no use. I am the type who needs to focus on one or at most two major tasks at a time. Sure, the kids still have to be fed and taught and read to and cuddled with, meals have to appear at set times, and the underwear drawers stocked, but if I am preparing submissions and learning some 80 pages of new music for the church choir, then keeping up the blog is going to fall by the wayside.

So, I'm doing my third round of querying and submissions, trying to make sure I follow guidelines to the tee. On top of that, our church choir accompanist is plagued with unexplained pain and I'm stepping in. I've been accompanying choirs on and off for many years and I still find it one of the most unpredictable pianist jobs. The accompaniment parts are often not pianistic, there are frequent key changes, the tempos are not consistent and I'm at the mercy of the choir director.

But I digress. Back to the point: the reason I haven't posted more than a week is that I've been slaving over a different keyboard and obsessing over my queries and synopses and first 10/20/50 pages of my novel. Things are more or less back to a steady state and I will be posting a number of thoughts that have been swirling around in my head this past week. I hope you'll stay tuned.

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