Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ode to Community part 2

Went to a book release party this afternoon (yay, Victoria!) I was a little nervous about going, because I didn't know too many people, and if you're an introvert, you'd know this type of situation is much scarier than giving a speech.

The moment I stepped into the book store, however, I felt at ease because I saw two writers I'd met at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. They were just as friendly today as they'd been when I first met them. After a while, I turned around, and one of the keynote speakers of the same conference was standing nearby. Her gracious demeanor made it easy for me to strike up a conversation. Soon I was talking to another author, whom I've met briefly before and she, too, was gracious and made conversing very easy. During the course of these conversations, a
n author offered to read a final draft of my work and another offered to make an introduction to her agent.

I wasn't sure what I expected from this event, but I came home feeling blessed to be the recipient of the graciousness and generosity of so many authors and honored to be in this community.

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