Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44 words

"A new era!" many cry, filled with hope

for change.

But to pin all hopes on one man
asks too much.

Take it as another step
in the path
started long ago
and continued
not by one man
but by all who care.

Melissa has a collection of posts and pictures posted on various blogs to commemorate this historical inauguration day. If you wish to participate, write a post using 44 words and include a picture, then leave you link.

Thanks to TadMack at Finding Wonderland and Cloudscome at A Wrung Sponge for the info.
(Cloudscome: your post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.)


Melissa said...

I agree, and one of the things going through my head today is a line from a book, the upshot of which is "a man is nothing but a man."

But hopefully we got us a good one!!

Yat-Yee said...

I think we got us a good one. But so many people are pinning all sorts of hope on him, whether or not those are the changes one man can make.

Cloudscome said...

I am finding it hard not to be giddy with happiness myself. But I watched a show about MLK on the History channel on Monday and it showed him as a regular man with ups and downs. He just gave himself to the spirit and the cause and let God use him. I believe Obama is going to do the same thing. He believes in us and the power of the people.

Thanks for the kind words Yat Yee. This is a great project!