Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Letter G

Over at the Drift Record, Julie Larios wrote a post on the letter "P" in which she listed things she loves that begin with the letter. She sent me "G" so I can play as well. So here is my list:

Grandma: my 95-lb hero, who woke up every morning at 5 and spent her day doing work and serving others without complaints. Her selfless attitude was never a show, but quietly lived. Mother Teresa had the world's respect, but my Popo will also have my adoration.

Grin: grinning faces, others and our own, are the best antidote to feeling blue.

[parka by Jasmic; grinning girl by mia3 mom; miilo grinning by Liz Henry]

Guffaw: and if grinning isn't enough to express your boundless joy, go right ahead and guffaw!

: great with chicken and fish, and sett
les an unruly stomach

[ginger, onions and garlic by vieux bandit.
All pictures found on Flickf]

: I don't know many cultures whose food doesn't include it, as seasoning or aromatic.

grater: I don't usually like tools that are super specialized. I mean, why would I ne
ed a special asparagus steamer when I can steam just about anything in my wok? And what can't I cut with my knives and cutting board? But this little tool is great for grating cheese and zesting citrus fruits without getting the bitter white bits.

Genius: where would our lives be without Mozart and Picasso and Da Vinci?

: why are smart people considered uncool just because they don't have good tastes in clothing?

Gorgeous, gargantuan and ginormous: how can I not give in to the grandiosity of these superlative adjectives?

Gentleness: a mother cradling her baby, a man stroking the hair of his beloved, a young child holding the hand of his grandmother, a teacher's voice to soothe a student's disappointment: nothing melts me as easily as tenderness shown to another.

Gratitude: feeling sorry for myself? Grumpy? Grouchy? Misunderstood? Disrespected? Giving thanks is the best way to regain perspective.

And finally Grace, which needs no description.

Feel free to add your favorite things beginning with the letter G in the comments section. And if you wish to play, I'll send you a random letter.


Julie Larios said...

What a wonderful list, Yat-Yee-I love those grins & guffaws!! And ginger & garlic - life would be so dull without those. I'll add a favorite "G" of mine - gelato!

Nandini said...

Yat-Yee, I love your Gs!! What would life be without Grandmas, ginger, garlic and grins. I'll add my favorite dessert--Gulabjamuns. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Yat-Yee, I love games like this, so I guess "games" is my G word! Your list is great! Loved the grins and guffaws, too. And yay for you for celebrating your grandmother! I had fun with the letter L over at my blog.

Yat-Yee said...

Julie: Gelato! Of course! I have fond memories of the gelato shop across the street from my undergraduate school and of my trip to Sorrento when I was 5 months pregnant and had good reasons to indulge in gelato every day!

Nandini: Mmmm. Another dessert. I am sensing a theme here.

Martha: I do love games. Why did I think of it? I am going to check out your list.

Tricia said...

I love your list. I'll echo the love for garlic and ginger, ginger especially. I'm also crazy about grapes.

Yat-Yee said...

Tricia: yet another thing that I do love. Thanks for bringing it up. I think I have some in the house. Time to do some fridge-raiding.