Thursday, April 2, 2009

Call me Ish-a-geek

A new public library branch opened last weekend in my town. Now there are three public libraries within very reasonable driving distances from my house. I am so thrilled to live in a town that values books!

Here are some pictures of the new library:

The children's section
[Incidentally, I saw a friend there and she seemed amused that I had brought my camera to the library.]

Look whose book I found displayed prominently in the children's poetry section?

The book of yet another of my Poetry Friday cohorts!

Happy second day in the National Poetry Month. Just from the poem-a-day I have received in my email inbox, I'm learning so much more about different types of poetry (new one for me: language poetry) and poets. You can sign up for it too.


Nandini said...

Yay! I love libraries. Enjoy your new one. Isn't it a great feeling to find a book by someone you know? Nice to see a picture of you!

Yat-Yee said...

I've been back three times, and it's been open all of six days!

I wanted to tell people around me that I "knew" these authors but then I didn't think they'd be impressed if I haven't actually met them.