Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indigo Notbook Launch

Celebrating author Laura Resau's third novel,
Indigo Notebook, at the launch party on Friday night.

The party was a festive event, enlivened not only by the Ecuadorian dances (This book takes place in Ecuador) but also by the sounds of children's laughter. Laura's little toddler ran up to her during her reading, just as she was describing her journey in writing this book, which the little guy played a big role. It was a perfect moment, completely spontaneous and heart-warming.

If you haven't yet read Laura's books, I'd highly recommend them. They are written with a big heart and lyrical language.


Nandini said...

Sounds like a such a warm and fun book launch! I loved Red Glass, and have Indigo Notebook on my to read list. Great picture!

Yat-Yee said...

Thanks. That was the closest color I had to Indigo. At the party, I bought a indigo-green hand-painted ceramic necklace made by an acquaintance of the dancer, who is also a collaborator with Laura on a different book.

Being the distracted person that I was, I left my signed copy of the book at the party! Laura found it and I'll pick it up from her.

MG Higgins said...

Looks like a great book and it's now on my list. Sounds like the launch was a lot of fun!