Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Juggling on their minds

Want to evoke indignation and annoyance? Just say to a random group of people, "Oh my life is so insanely busy." I guarantee that you'll have quite a few people who will either trump your assertion
or roll their eyes, clearly communicating a sulky and maybe haughty you-think-mine-isn't?

So anyway, I don't think my life is busier than most people's but right now I'm feeling the insanity of it and trying very hard to stay on top of things. Interestingly enough, at least three blog posts this week are about this very topic.

Chris Richman, an agent with the new agency Upstart Crow Literary Agency talks about priorities. Sarah Aronson at the Tollbooth focuses on balance in general, and balance between writing and kids.

So while you check out their words of wisdom, I will go deal with my currently not very balanced life. But as long as it includes my family, food, books, laughter, and some form of beauty, I'll call it good.


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Mine is much busier than yours. lol. Kidding. But mine is pretty darn busy, so I sympathize. You right though, as long mine includes family, friends, fun and books, I'm pretty happy. :)

MG Higgins said...

And just when I think I have a routine down and can get everything done, something new pops up and throws me off. We need to create more time!

Corey Schwartz said...

Balance has always been very hard for me! Good luck juggling!

Bish Denham said...

My life is dull compared to most. But I like dull. Dull is good. Dull is not the same thing as boring (something I'm not familiar with. There's too much to do to ever be bored.)But dull, dull is not having "drama" in my life.

Yat-Yee said...

BIsh: you're the only person who doesn't claim to be busy. I think most people equate busyness with significance. But I get you, dull is so much easier than drama.

Karen, Melissa and Corey: I sometimes wonder if balance is all it's cracked up to be.

Nandini said...

I'm recovering from juggling, er ... hosting, a birthday party (son's 11th b'day yesterday). I find that what goes on subconsciously during the juggling is a lot of absorbing of the stuff of life. Things that I can take out later when I have time for reflection. So juggling is essential--without it I'd have nothing to write about!