Friday, August 22, 2008

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday again.
Today it's being hosted at Read. Imagine. Talk.

Maybe it's because I am in a midlife crisis, I mean, mid-career diversion, band, but it spoke to me. I like the straightforward style, and the line " a beautiful belief in answers" delights me.

Memory as a Hearing Aid

by Tony Hoagland

Somewhere, someone is asking a question,
and I stand squinting at the classroom
with one hand cupped behind my ear,
trying to figure out where that voice is coming from.

I might be already an old man,
attempting to recall the night
his hearing got misplaced,
front-row-center at a battle of the bands,

where a lot of leather-clad, second-rate musicians,
amped up to dinosaur proportions,
test drove their equipment through our ears.

Read the rest of the poem.

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