Friday, August 8, 2008


I haven't been able to write much these past few weeks. We've been hosting family visiting from overseas, catching up with old friends, and taking in some beautiful sights.

After our guests left, I took out my
stubborn novel again (I think I'm just going to call it SN from now on) and to my surprise, found the revision this time around a lot more fun, yes, fun! Problems that had driven me to tears before now didn't seem so daunting any more. New scenes that had been difficult to complete, ended nicely.

Maybe that was exactly what I needed: time away from the SN and trying new things (I climbed, part way at least, up a climbing wall, and did a 5k run, among other uncharacteristic Yat-Yee type things.)

Note to self: when at a dead end with any writing project, go climb rocks or sew or some other things that don't typically appeal to me.

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