Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Sur in the Rockies: A report

The Big Sur in the Rockies writing retreat provided me with a wonderful time away from the day-to-day concerns and focus on writing. The workshop is small, with only about 50+ attendees and ten faculty members.

Here are Lyron Bennett and Lynda Sandoval, two people filled with wit, intelligence, knowledge about the publishing industry, and boundless energy.
I was trying to figure out how to bottle it all weekend long.

And here I am with Laura Backes, writing teacher extraordinaire.
Her superpower is way better than that of any fake super hero: she can get to the heart of any manuscript and make magic-wand type suggestions that any writer would want to immediately follow.

From l to r: Laura Backes, Linda Arms White, Marilyn Marks, Andrea Brown.

From l to r: Claudia Mills, Phyllis Perry, Hilari Bell.

The only faculty member whose picture I didn't manage to take is Paul Hindman.

I didn't get to know every one of the faculty but from listening to other attendees talk about how one or the other faculty member helped them, I can attest to the fact that every faculty has a heart for helping writers of children's literature. And God bless them for their generosity.


Laura Backes said...

I'm blushing! Thanks for the kind words.

And I promise to use my super powers only for good!



Yat-Yee said...

I am sure glad to know you'll only use your super power for good. Otherwise, can you imagine the chaos, the mayhem, the destruction!

Thanks for dropping by!

Mical said...

The workshop hit the sweet spot, scratching an itch I've had for two years! Enjoyed your blog and very briefly meeting you. micalwrites.blogspot.com