Friday, November 7, 2008

Poetry Friday

Our family celebrated two birthdays in the past couple of weeks, my daughter's and mine. These milestones brought to mind thoughts about growing up, growing older, changes. My daughter is still young, but she's gaining independence every day, and lately I find myself wondering the kind of adult she'll grow up to be.

by Marie Ponsot
The child was a girl, the girl is a woman; the shift
is subtle and absolute, worn like a gift.

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Mary Lee said...

They grow up so fast!!!

Karen E. said...

I am often caught off-guard by the young women who live in my house. They used to be my little girls. :-) Sometimes, though, I see the delightful combination of girl-teen-woman-all-at-once, and it is indeed a gift.

Carol said...

Wow- is this every true! Just yesterday, I was going somewhere with my son and thought, "Oh my gosh, he looks almost like a man!" Wow!

I'm a Colorado blogger too. I'm hoping someday all of the Colorado folks might connect the way the Ohio people did last month.

Yat-Yee said...

Thanks for you comments, everyone! It's amazing to see my children everyday and still be amazed by their growth.

Carol: it would be nice to meet. There is an event coming up in April, the NoCo Writers Conference in Fort Collins. Andrea Brown is coming and so is the Poet Laureate of Colorado.