Sunday, August 30, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Kindle or Sony
Sony came up with a new version of the stylish E reader with 3G, and Kindle is tied to Amazon, who will one day take over the world, but Nathan Bransford prefers to read on his iPhone.

Decision: wait till the newness settles. A girl who grew up in a household with a 14-inch B&W TV till years after everyone else has bought their color TV doesn't need to become an early, or even semi-early, adopter of this new technology.

iPhone or Palm Pre
So many people are doing that thumb-and-index-finger motion to look up maps and restaurant reviews on their phones that my old-fashioned flip-open-to-say-hello is acquiring a retro status. Plus it is still working so well after so many years I can't justify a new purchase. Maybe I'll make it an incentive: I'll get a new phone when I get a contract. You hear that, stockholders of phone manufacturers? Work your Jedi power, your Vulcan mindmeld in the publishing industry so I'll be able to get a new phone!

Decision: stick with retro, ginormous phone.

Crutcher and Halse Anderson
Decision: gonna read 'em all. All, I say, ALL!!!


tanita davis said...

I have D's ooold Visor from a thousand years ago (he won a handheld computer at a conference and gave me his cast-off) and I read on it at the doctor's office when I don't want to lug a book, but there's no way I'd buy either Kindle or Palm, not after realizing that a.) you're not legally allowed to share your books and b.) they can remove content -- like the Orwell book they took away from Kindle users because of some copyright snafu. I'm sorry -- if I paid for the book and it's MINE, it's MINE, and they'd better leave it alone.

Paper books solve all of these problems nicely. However, the old graytone background and black letters (no color, no pictures) on my old .pdb files is good for emergencies.

MG Higgins said...

I am an uber, I repeat UBER fan of reading on my iTouch. (I don't have the iPhone but the iTouch is the same in this regard.) I hadn't heard of anyone else preferring their iPhone, so I'm glad you posted that link because I don't feel like such a weirdo anymore.

Everything Nathan Bransford said I agree with. Biggest plusses for me: It's small (easy to carry around in my small purse); the screen is backlit and very easy on my eyes.

Of course, everyone's brains are wired differently so it's not going to be a great fit for everyone.

Solvang Sherrie said...

My husband gave me an iPod Touch for my birthday and I can't stay away from it. If we ever move to an area that has a good AT&T signal, I am totally going to buy an iPhone. As it is, I downloaded the B&N reader and some free books and I've been loving it. And I have my favorite Facebook word games, too -- perfect when I'm waiting at soccer practice, etc.