Thursday, January 14, 2010

Different ways to help

Here is an eyewitness account from Haiti. This comes from an email I got from the American Red Cross Society last night.
Matthew Marek, who runs the Red Cross office in Haiti, relayed the following details to the office in the US using Skype,

some neighborhoods are completely flat. major individual home damage. no telephone

i’ve seen untreatable issues. bones broken and exposed. lacerations of all kinds

medical attention is needed all throughout the capital. people are scared and gathered in the streets

there is really no place to go in many of these neighborhoods

the dust from the collapse is still lingering in the air.

Around the litosphere-- Beth, Karen, Paper Tigers, Nathan Bransford--are ideas for how we can help. Among the organizations suggested are World Vision, Bethany Christian Services, Doctors Without Borders, IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis. Here are two more suggestions: American Red Cross and Compassion International.

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Louisa said...

Thanks for putting it all in one place. Many have reached out. I came across this.