Monday, January 25, 2010

Grab-A-Line Monday

IN last week's GALM, Nandini shared a line from Mare's War, written by my writing group's facilitator, Tanita Davis. Mare's War had just been announced as a Coretta King Honor book, in addition to the other accolades. Here is the line Nandini chose:

Now, this is a women's army, she tells Miss Ida. She's gonna be working with women to free up a man for the fight. It's her duty, she says. Well, sir, Miss Ida sure pitched a fit, said no daughter of hers was going to join no women's army like she ain't got no breeding

My line this week is thanks to Nandini as well, who brought a wonderful line from Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett a few weeks back, which of course means I would read it. I started a few days ago and am enjoying it tremendously so far. Here is an example of the low-key wit of the book:

...Tiffany retorted, feling annoyed. "Witches have animals they can talk to, called familiars. Like your toad here."

"I'm not familiar," said a voice from among the paper flowers, "I'm just slightly presumptuous."

What caught you this week?


Nandini said...

OMG I completely blanked on GALM!! Will be back later tonight with a line. But Yat-Yee I didn't post the line from Wee Free Men. Can't remember who did, but it wasn't me.

Nandini said...


As he glanced upward, he realized the courtyard was like a well for the sky--the stars and night seemed to flow into it endlessly.

I like this line because it makes you see the courtyard differently. Isn't that what writing is about?

Yat-Yee said...

Nandini: thanks so much for supporting my little venture here week after week.

And yes, helping us see things differently is most definitely one of the benefits of writing.