Monday, March 22, 2010

Grab-A-Line Monday

A good Monday to you and welcome to another installment of Grab A Line Monday, where readers can post quotes from what they've read recently. The purpose is not only to share memorable lines, but also to bring up books that maybe others may not have come across. I mean, have you been to a bookstore lately? Did you see how many books there are? How is one to choose? For me, the most reliable way has been from recommendation, either from friends or reviewers whose taste you respect.

One of the best thing about blogging is the community. Recommendations from the blogging community have given me some wonderful reads and I'd like this to be a place where we can gather and share quotes and hopefully also find new books.

Last week, Fiddler shared from Ruth Reichl's Not Becoming My Mother:
"I have never known so many unhappy people. They were smart, they were educated and they were bored. Some of them did charity work, but it wasn't fulfilling. Their misery was an ugly thing, and it was hard on their families. It was a terrible waste of talent and energy, and watching them I knew that I was never going to be like them."

I am afraid to admit how deeply I understood this quote. And I suspect I will find many more such moments for me.

Bish Denham gave us this line fromThe Lightning Theif by Rick Riorda:

"Finally, she married Gade Ugliano, who was nice the first thirty seconds we knew him, then showed his true colors as a world-class jerk."

My contributions this week are both videos. The first has made the rounds, but in case you've been unplugged (as I have been) I thought I'd show it here as well.

[Edited many minutes later] Um, feeling stupid, can't seem to post videos. Onto Plan B: I'll link you to the blogs where these videos are posted.

On the fate of publishing, by DK.

On declarative sentences and invisible question marks. I love that someone has brought this topic up, and I especially love that his delivery is so spot-on. Enjoy.

What caught you this week?

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Solvang Sherrie said...

Here's a quote for you. This is the opening line to Stormbreaker, the first novel in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz:

When the doorbell rings at three in the morning, it's never good news.

I totally agree!

Fiddler said...

Thanks for the links to the videos, Yat-Yee. Love that Taylor Mali!

Bish Denham said...

Thanks for linking back to my blog, Yat-Yee!

Lady Glamis said...

Sorry I haven't been participating in these! I'm going to be reading more in the near future and will have lots of lines to share!

Yat-Yee said...

Sherrie: or if the telephone rings! Although once my mom rang in the middle of the night when I was in Australia and she counted the time difference the opposite way! I couldn't calm down for the longest time after her initial "hello!"

Fiddler and Bish: thanks!

Glam: no need to apologize, just come by when you have something!