Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stream of consciousness at the library

Let's see, I need to find Chris Crutcher's The Chinese Handcuff again so I can write a review. Drats, no copies left. Oh, but here's a book Crutcher endorses: Shift by Jennifer Bradbury. Looks good. Gotta get it. Any other Crutchers? No.

No. 2 on my list: Gregor the Overlander. Where's Book 1? Book 1....There it is. Check

No. 3: Rangers Apprentice: Book 1 wasn't available last time... still not here.

No. 4: Oooooh! Ninja! (Grab Blue Fingers by Cheryl Whitesel.)

Where did I put the list? And what was No. 4 before I got distracted by ninjas? Ah well, I'll just browse. Ooh, Linda Sue Park. Which one is this? Archer's Quest. Don't know it. Let's see what the front flap says: Modern day kid interacting with ancient character. I wonder if my friend, whose story is about a pair of siblings interacting with an ancient cat/professor, knows about this. I'll read it and let her know.

Here's a new book by Sarah Weeks, author of So. Be. It. Jumping the Scratch seems to be in the same vein: a look at someone with mental issues with compassion. Put in bag.

Daughter needs books 3, 4, 5, 6 of Sisters Grimm: only found Book 6. Last book of Unfortunate Events. Check. A new Ally Finkle book by Meg Cabot. Grab.

Son would like this Time Travel Soldiers book about Samurai. And this one about the human digestive system, simply titled Guts, with its many full-paged, colorful pictures. And here's one about animals found in US National Parks. What beautiful water color paintings.

Bag getting too heavy. Time to go.


tanita davis said...

I'm jealous of American libraries. How I miss... the old books mixed in with the new. There's a lot of bestsellers and not much else in the library here. There's another a quarter mile up the road; going to try that one...

Nandini said...

Hey, thanks for thinking of me Yat-Yee! I've read Archer's Quest!

Yat-Yee said...

This library is brand new and particularly awesome. When you come back to the States, Tanita, I can just see you camping out at a library.

Oh good, Nandini, you've already read it.