Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take two aspirins

...and work late into the night.

I am so close. I can feel it in my bone. But as always, the last little bit to polish a story takes big bits of energy and time. But because the end is near, I get an extra dose of adrenalin and motivation to push to the end.

Tonight, I'll be burning the candles at both ends,
or as my mother likes to say in Cantonese, eating late-night congee, sic yeh jook.

Anyone joining me? I've cooked up extra congee.

Aspirin? I've got that as well.


beth said...

Whoa-what is in that stuff? Is that a giant ginger root in there?

(And PS: you can do it!!)

poemhome said...

burn both ends and the middle too!

tanita davis said...

Yum - congee is like rice cereal, right? I'm game.

Good luck, m'dear.

Nandini said...

Oh, I needed that!! Daughter woke up with fever :( at 1:00 AM. Off to make her some ginger/lemon/honey tea.

Hope you got lots done!

Yat-Yee said...

Beth: that's a kind of fried bread. I do like flavoring my jook with ginger, but that big ol' chunk would be too much.

Florian: candle burned.

Tanita: yes, rice cereal. Here, have some more.

Nandini: Sorry about your daughter. Is she better? ginger/lemon/honey tea is one of my comfort drinks too.

And yes, I finished what I needed to. Yay, hooray!